Hindus in Pakistan Census

Bravely but barely surviving in a theocratic state.

Data Maps    06-Jun-2023
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The Census in Pakistan is like it's government. Erratic and irregular. After 1981, it happened in 1998, then in 2017. The Census data of 2017 was so controversial that before publishing it in 2021, the government had to promise a new digital census before January 2023.
Although the results of the latest Census are yet to be officially published, according to some Pakistan media reports, the population of Pakistan according to new Census is 249,566,743 or about 25 Crores. Since the 2017 Census recorded 207,684,626 or about 20.76 Crore people, it seems Pakistan has added 41882117 or about 4.2 Crore people in 5 years! 
Whatever be the growth of total population, one inevitable conclusion of all previous Censuses is that Hindu population is barely surviving. Before the results of latest Census, a look at the 2017 data is ample illustration of the fact. 
It is obvious that except Sindh province, the number of Hindus in all other divisions is so small that to calculate percentage growth or decline is an exercise in futility. 
This situation is right from the beginning when at the time of partition, Hindus were forcefully kicked out of Pakistan. 
16 districts of the undivided Punjab were included in Pakistan. Comparison of Hindu population in these districts in 1941 Census and 1951 Census shows the extent of Hindu migration. If we consider the population growth between 1941 and 1947 and add to this number the migration from Sindh and rest of Pakistan, it is possible that almost 50 lakh Hindus were driven out in penniless condition from Pakistan in 1947. Not all of them were lucky enough to reach alive in India. 
The 2017 data indicates that situation has not improved for Hindus in 70 years. But the cabal that loudly opposes CAA 2019 will remain silent over the upcoming revelations of 2023 census in Pakistan.