A snapshot of the health of our forests

Mapping the state of forest report 2021

Data Maps    17-Feb-2022
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State-wise distribution of Forest as reflected in State of forest report 2021
  • State of the forest survey is done every 2 years since 1987. Reports are published regularly. Since 2001 the survey is done by satellite data using Digital Image Processing software.
  • National forest Policy of 1988 has set a goal for having 33 percent of country's geographical area under forest and tree cover, irrespective of land use and land ownership.
  • Dense forest: Includes all lands with a forest cover of trees with a canopy density over 40 percent.
  • Forest cover: consists of all lands having tree canopy density of more than 10 percent.
  • Tree : All perennial woody vegetation including bamboos, palms, coconut, apple, mango, neem, peepal, etc.have been treated as tree
All of us love forests. We want them to grow. As the data shows we are even gaining marginally on our forest cover since last 40 years. But there are very interesting substories. How a 'forest' is defined? What is the difference between forest and tree cover? Do we include Tea gardens in Tree cover or not? are and mangroves included in forest? What is the 'ideal' percentage of forest cover that we should have? where do we stand in comparison to other countries? Which are the states where forest area is growing? which are the loosing states? How does the success -or faliure- of our forest policy going to affect us? In a series of articles we at Newsbharati intend to find out and analyze answers to these questions.